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Forgiveness                    is one of the greatest virtues. Today we endevour to forgive those who may have knowingly or unknowingly        
wronged us and                                       seek forgiveness from those we may have                  wronged with our words                 or deeds. 

We will begin with a 10 minute           guided meditation.
Click             to listen  


Following the meditation, spend some time capturing                          your thoughts and feelings.

1. Create a personal symbol                                                        of “forgiveness”

2. Take note of what surfaced                                  for you and how you may imbibe                        it in your process in the future.

You may capture these in the form of letters,                                 postcards,  poems, a voice note,                  collage, mind map,              drawings, painting,               video, or whatever suits your needs. 

Please share                          your reflection with at least one more person, either your partner, a close friend, or your team member.
I would encourage you to experiment                                  with the medium 
you choose to capture                                  your reflection as we go through
                                      the days. If you write a note one day, make a drawing the next day, create a video on the third, and so on.

Based on your medium, here are some digital tools that may be helpful: Digital collage making platform ( memo iPhone/ android/ whats-app voice note), mapping (mural/ Miro), digital sketching (adobe fresco/ sketch, etc.), video editing (I movie,  etc.); quick video Instagram story, I movie/ etc.)

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